Why I’m writing another blog and why parenting…

Much of the post below was written 5 years ago when I set up this blog, but for reasons unknown I never actually got going. Here I am now, reposting in the hope that I will reguarly contribute to the very important conversation around parenting.

Isn’t it already overcrowded, the parenting space? I tried several different names just to get this one for my blog! I have wanted to write about my experiences as a parent for a long time now. So many discussions with friends on other seemingly unrelated issues turn to parenting all of a sudden. I have realized, after a long struggle, that my parenting side has now got infused into everything else that I do. That instead of going to work, or going shopping and coming back to my kids, I actually look at work, chores, friends and indeed everything in life from the lens of being a parent. Its rewarding, its challenging, its frustrating, but it is never boring to be a parent.

I also want to stress that this is about parenting, not motherhood. I truly believe that men and women are not inherently different, just conditioned through generations to fulfill different roles in society and therefore have developed different sets of attributes. Modern society is blurring the roles we have to play as mommies and daddies; and also changing the way we think and behave. We need more change, more open minds; but already I see around me that any man or woman can make an excellent parent and fulfill the emotional and other needs of their children competently, intuitively and beautifully.

Why another blog? I’ve blogged regularly on ramblinginthecity.wordpress.com since 2011 but I feel I have a lot more to say that just issues related to cities and how we live in them. So to stop that blog from becoming a bit of everything and to write seriously about parenting, I decided to go for it and start another blog! A different subject, perhaps a different readership, and even maybe a different me?

Having said this, I am yet to see how this blog turns out.I intend to tell my story as parent to nearly 13 year old Udai and 9 year old Aadyaa. I want to write about aspects of parenting that touch me, transform me, amuse me, challenge popular notions, about how I met challenges and about how I have tried to overcome that overwhelming element of parenthood-guilt and the fear that you might let down your child in some way! Stay with me!


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